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AmeriSpec, a franchised home inspection service, recently introduced its newest program to help provide American consumers "home buying peace of mind."

The AmeriSpec ProCare inspection guarantee was developed to assure a buyer that the key working components inspected will continue to work and be operable when the buyer closes on the home and for 60 days thereafter, according to Steven Nola, an owner of a local AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service.

"This inspection guarantee is designed to help pay for the cost associated with the repairs of covered and eligible equipment which may suffer mechanical failure during the term of the guarantee due to normal wear and tear," he said.

The primary benefit that ProCare brings to a buyer is that it reduces the possibility that the buyer will experience unfortunate surprises when they move into the house. With one toll-free call, the AmeriSpec Network will fix or replace any covered malfunctioning item, thus reducing the chance for unexpected out-of-pocket expenses in a typically stressful family event -- purchasing and moving into a new home.

Fewer than two out of ten home buyers have a house checked for serious problems before they sign the final sales papers, even though home inspections costing only a couple hundred dollars can prevent staggering repair costs.

With homes in the 1990's averaging over $80,000 or more in Western New York, the $150-300 spent on a professional home inspection can keep these problems from reaching gigantic proportions.

"The AmeriSpec ProCare plan involves the same complete and expert inspection, plus a much closer look at the appliances and a guarantee that if a system is in good working order at the time of inspection, it will continue to operate when the buyer closes on their home . . . and two months later," Nola continued.

Even a home under a separate home warranty can benefit from AmeriSpec ProCare because between the time of inspection and when the buyer moves in, sellers very often fail to maintain their property or they will turn off systems and perhaps turn off the utilities.

"When the buyer moves in and turns them back on, they may experience problems. Many home warranty companies will attribute the system failures to a pre-existing condition which means that if the problem is detected a short period of time after you move in, they may not pay," Nola said.

However, the AmeriSpec ProCare inspection guarantee removes this uncertainty. If a system or appliance is covered at the time of inspection, it is guaranteed to work for up to 60 days after closing on the property.

AmeriSpec inspectors examine the condition of structural elements, roofing, foundations, electrical wiring, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems, the most common source of costly problems.

All inspections meet the most rigid standards of the industry and those required by disclosure laws.

AmeriSpec has 78 franchises throughout the country. The ProCare guarantee was developed to help keep the American dream of owning a home from becoming an unpleasant one, Nola concluded.

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