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A section of the Scajaquada Expressway should be returned to its former use as a scenic parkway, members of the Delaware Park Steering Committee are urging.

"We all feel it is a very worthwhile project because everybody mourns the day when the Scajaquada Expressway went in," committee member Bette Blum said Friday.

The proposal, which is being investigated by the state, calls for reconstructing the Scajaquada where it passes through Delaware Park from Parkside Avenue to Grant Street.

The metal barricade that divides the four-lane expressway would be replaced by a landscaped median and a wooden barricade. The speed limit, 50 mph, would be reduced -- possibly to 35 mph.

The road would be redesignated as an arterial street. Supporters say that would allow the entrance and exit ramps to be returned to their original configurations and allow additions to the park.

The road originally was a part of Delaware Park and was converted into a high-speed expressway in 1962.

Critics say it divides the park in half, ruins its tranquility and makes access between the sections difficult.

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