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Gov. Garrey Carruthers has denied a request by biographer Opal Lee Priestley that Billy the Kid be pardoned for his role in the 1878 shooting death of Sheriff William Brady.

Ms. Priestley is the author of "Billy the Kid: The Good Side of a Bad Man." An aide to the governor said a full investigation of all facts surrounding the case would be impossible because it happened so long ago.

The writer contended that The Kid was denied a fair trial.

"It was generally considered by those who attended the trial that he got token representation, and it was a foregone conclusion he would be found guilty."

He escaped after the trial, killing two Lincoln County deputies.

The Kid, whose real name was said to be William Bonney or Henry McCarty, was shot to death in Fort Sumner, N.M., by Lincoln County Sheriff Pat Garrett in 1881.

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