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Q I'VE USED THE services of York Photo Labs in Pennsylvania several times in the past and they have always given me excellent workmanship.

However, the last enlargement I had them make of one of my photos was damaged. When I received the 5-by-7 print, there was a crease along the entire face.

I immediately wrote to them, as per the instructions that come with their guarantee, to tell them of my dissatisfaction.

I sent them all the documents required, including my receipt, the packaging label and the guarantee. Approximately two weeks later they sent a note asking that I return the enlargement to them.

Because of the damage to the print, I had already thrown that out, keeping my negative and the original picture of course.

I wrote back, telling them that I had followed the instructions outlined in their guarantee and I now wanted a refund of my money, the free film that is offered in the guarantee and a free developing coupon for all of my inconvenience.

A letter came back with only a $3 refund check in it.

I think they still owe me, as per their guarantee, free film and a free developing coupon for future use.

-- M.C., Buffalo
A THAT'S NOT WHAT their guarantee offers.

Sharon Friend, a customer service spokeswoman for York, explains: "Let me explain how our guarantee works. The refund, free film, and free developing coupon is for rolls of film that you have sent to us for processing.

"Since a roll was sent, we replace that roll. In this case, the customer sent only a reprint. With reprints there is no roll involved and the processing vouchers are for rolls. Sine she did not send a roll for processing, the voucher does not apply. We did refund her money for the reprint as per our guarantee.

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. . . To Mrs. Clifton Hillard of Buffalo from Fulfillment Systems Inc. in Monticello, Minn.: "In reviewing ou records we found the Post Office had at one time closed our post office box in error. In view of this we are sending her a check in the amount of $2 for her Gillette Best Ever refund offer."

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