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the date of the infamous Kristallnacht -- until the end of World War II, the Jews of Europe suffered the cruelest indignities and atrocities known to mankind.

James W. Comerford stated, at the "New York for Life" rally and parade in downtown Buffalo on Saturday, "Planned Parenthood is worse than the Nazi death camps" and "How they murdered the Jews was more humane than how they murder babies." This statement is both an affront and a desecration of the memory of the 6 million Jews who were victims of these atrocities.

To say that unwarranted killings should be measured in degrees of humaneness raises serious questions of sensitivity. Mr. Comerford's right to express his views on abortion are absolute. However, to conclude that the Holocaust was more humane than abortion can only be perceived as an egregious insult to the Jewish community and to those who died by the most grotesque methods ever devised by man.

Was it more humane when Nazi guards threw babies into the air and caught and disemboweled them on the ends of their bayonets while the distraught parents stood helplessly by? Was it more humane when they forced parents to choose life for one child while condemning another to death? It is no wonder that we Jews say, "Never again."


Appalling ignorance of Nazi horrors

I find myself both saddened and angered by James Comerford's remarks at Saturday's anti-abortion rally in downtown Buffalo. He shows a staggering lack of sensitivity to the Jewish community and an appalling level of ignorance regarding the Holocaust and anti-Semitism in general.

To suggest that the Nazis and their accomplices cared even one iota about their victims' suffering and took measures to alleviate it is to deny the well-documented realities of the Nazi horrors.

Furthermore, to even begin to compare the abortion issue to the Holocaust is at best a misguided strategy, and at worst a tactic bordering on obscenity. Such a comparison demeans the significance of the Holocaust in human history, and is a slap in the face to its Jewish victims, both dead and alive.

The abortion issue is a matter of personal choice and medical prudence. The Holocaust, on the other hand, is the most hideous example of people's inhumanity to their fellow human beings in the history of the world. Whole societies consciously participated in mass murder out of collective hatred for their victims. That's a far cry from an individual woman choosing to end her pregnancy. Mr. Comerford, I suggest that you learn to tell the difference between the two, and that you apologize to the Jewish community and to all the people of Western New York who have good reason to be offended by your statements.


Comerford unsuited for post on board

As the grandson of people who were killed during the Holocaust, I was appalled by James Comerford's remarks.

Mr. Comerford has compared a legal abortion, which a woman may choose to have, to a system that arrested people, split up families, shipped them in cattle cars without food or sanitary facilities and then shot, beat, gassed or worked them to death.

Whether you are "pro-birth," as Mr. Comerford is, or pro-choice, the arguments would be better served by logic rather than insensitive, inflammatory rhetoric.

Remember, this "open-minded" man wants to be president of the Board of Education and represent the City of Buffalo at conferences across the United States


An ignorant remark

I am appalled at James Comerford's ignorant remark and deeply offended at the kind of thinking that leads him to use the word "humane" when speaking of the calculated murder of one-third of the Jewish people, more than a million of whom were innocent children.

One cannot take seriously his statement equating Planned Parenthood with Nazism, but a ludicrous statement can still offend.


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