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Seven teen-agers, two of them suspected of dealing drugs, were arrested late Wednesday night in a Hagen Street flat after a joint investigation by Buffalo and Cheektowaga narcotics police officers.

"We've been watching this place for a while. It's a big party house for young folks," said Lt. M. James Starr, head of the Cheektowaga Police narcotics unit.

Using a battering ram, three investigators from Cheektowaga and five from Buffalo broke into the upper apartment at 145 Hagen just after 10 p.m. City Judge Thomas C. Amodeo had issued a warrant for the raid.

"A couple of kids tried to make it out the windows but were ordered back in the house," Starr said. "It always gets their attention when the ram hits the door."

Police suspect two of those arrested -- Christopher J. Hovanes, 18, of the Hagen Street flat, and Steven R. Adamczyk, 16, of 159 Princeton Court, Cheektowaga -- of dealing drugs to other teen-agers in Buffalo and Cheektowaga, Starr said.

Starr based his assertion on tips from Hagen Street residents and information Cheektowaga Police collected on Hovanes when he was living in Cheektowaga.

"They attracted a lot of attention to themselves because there were an inordinate amount of visits from their friends who would come for a few minutes and leave," Starr said.

Hovanes and Adamczyk were charged with seventh-degree possession of cocaine, a misdemeanor, and possession of marijuana, a violation. Hovanes also was charged with possession of LSD, a felony.

Police confiscated what they believe to be a small amount of cocaine, several bags of marijuana, 65 doses of LSD, water pipes used to smoke marijuana and a scale to weigh drugs. Starr said he assumes the youths got rid of other drugs because officers heard the toilet being flushed several times as they were breaking in.

"We think that that is an operation that caters to the high school crowd," Starr said. "When we broke through, we had to break through a lower door and break an upper door . . . Adamczyk was flushing the toilet immediately."

Police also arrested Kelly J. McLaughlin, 19, and her brother, Christopher S., 17, both of 323 Enez Drive, Depew; John P. Hufford, 17, of 1262 Cleveland Drive, Cheektowaga; William R. Burke, 17, of 82 Barnabas Drive, Depew, and Gregory T. Rzeszutek, 17, of 40 Fisher St.

They were charged with possession of marijuana, a violation.

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