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I must admit that you are consistent. Consistently anti-Catholic, but consistent nonetheless. Yale professor Peter Viereck has been quoted as saying, "Catholic-baiting is the anti-Semitism of the liberals." That certainly describes The Buffalo News -- liberal.

Your argument that the church has no business explaining theological consequences of their actions to church members who hold public office is about par for your standards.

You seem to want only "cafeteria Catholics" -- ones who choose this and that doctrine to believe, but who say that they cannot believe such and another.

Well, it does not work that way. The church is not a debating society or a group that watches the polls to decide what trendy new cause to support. You accept the beliefs or you do not. That is where the "protest" in Protestant came from; they did not accept the beliefs and they went their separate ways.

Your view of public officials also is a joke. Unfortunately, too many of our officials follow your dictum and follow the polls to decide on their vote for major issues. Why not just hire the polling services to run the country and eliminate the middle men?

If you have ever read John Kennedy's "Profiles in Courage," you might remember that we elect people to national office to do what is right for the country -- not for a constituency, not for themselves, but for the country.

Sometimes doing what is morally right is unpopular, and the voters may turn you out at the next election.

So be it. It does not excuse you from following your conscience and doing the right thing. Maybe we have so many career politicians living off of us because of your philosophy of "whatever is popular is the right thing."


Abortion issue a church matter

As a champion for the right of free speech The News apparently has no problem in suggesting the muzzling of the Catholic hierarchy of this country whose teachings conflict with its pro-abortion editorial policy. It should be readily apparent that this is basically an internal church matter, and since The News is not a Catholic paper, nor one that supports the Catholic Church, it should concern itself with secular matters.

That abortion is murder and that a Catholic in no way can support or participate in it is not merely a "view" of certain members of the hierarchy, but is rather an official teaching of the church, which is to be taught and, when necessary, enforced by its lawful leaders.

Thus, in Cardinal O'Connor's case, he wasn't simply advocating his own personal idea, he was stating fact according to his church's teaching.

You say, "It can only hamper Catholic politicians' ability to represent all the people who elect them." If that would hold true, I am sure those who felt that way would vote them out of office.

ALBERT HUNTZ President, Una Voce -- Buffalo Tonawanda

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