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Q A PRIVATE TREE SERVICE company was hired by the Village of Sloan in October of last year to cut two huge trees across the street from our home.

In the process of cutting the branches, the falling limbs loosened the telephone and cable wires that ran across the street. We warned the workers about the danger of the low-hanging wires and then went to our bank for business. While we were gone, a big van passed by and ripped our cable and telephone wires off, which damaged part of the siding on our home.

We called the contractor and he came out to look at the damage. He promised to take care of it.

The cable company came out and fixed their cable the next day. Because of the telephone strike at the time, it two weeks for the telephone company to take care of their wires.

Numerous calls to the tree contractor have been unanswered. I didn't press too hard during the winter months, but now the weather is fine and they have still not been out to make repairs to the siding.

We are in our 70s, with no man in the house, so we'd appreciate it if you can contact this contractor and have him answer the messages we have left for him.

-- M.K., Sloan
A "WE ARE PRESENTLY taking action in connection with this problem," says the contractor. "We recognize that there has been a delay in repairing this damage, but she did agree that it was all right to wait until the weather improved this spring. Then, it became a matter of finding someone to make the repairs.

"We called around to find someone who could take care of it, but we had a hard time because the job was a very small one. Fortunately, we have found someone to go to her home and do the repairs and they will be contacting her to schedule a time for doing the job."

The work, we understand, has now been done to your satisfaction.

Consumer Grams
. . . To Mary Snyder of Buffalo from Christine Kwideris of the Good Music Record Co. in Paramus, N.J.: "Please accept our apologies for the delay. Your letter was not received until recently. If you cannot use the cassettes, please return them to us and we will gladly issue an exchange for you. We will also refund the amount you had to pay for return postage." . . .

. . . To Mrs. J. Rogala of Cheektowaga from Fulfillment Systems Inc. in Monticello, Minn.: "In reviewing our records, we find no trace of her request for the Campbell Kids Calender and Ornament Offer. It's possible the request was misdirected. In view of this we are processing another order at this time. Our apologies for the inconvenience." . . .

. . . To Ronald Edwards Sr. of Buffalo from Hilda Poole, service specialist for Prudential Insurance in Jacksonville, Fla.: "It is our company policy to safeguard personal information so that an individual's rights to privacy and confidentiality are not violated. As a result of this inquiry, we will write directly to Mr. Edwards." . . .

. . . To Rosa Perna of Buffalo from Kathy Kitken of the Home Shopping Network in Clearwater, Fla.: "HSC issued her credit card account a full refund of $430, including the original shipping and handling charges, since she is a valued customer. The refund should appear on her statement within two billing cycles. We regret any inconvenience the customer may have experienced." .. .

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