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AT LONG last the entries in the 1989 Peerless Predictions Contest have been examined and graded. The winners' names will be printed below.

The 25 predictions involved had to come true by April 15. Sample: "Allison Rosati will still be with Channel 2. True. False."

Because Rosati did not announce her plans to leave WGRZ-TV until April 17, the answer to that prediction is "True."

The 1989 contest had the lowest scores ever, with no one having fewer than four wrong. The judges' consensus is that the low scores were the result of too much confidence in the Bills.

You see, almost 90 percent of the entrants marked "True" on Questions 4 and 5. Those entrants started off with two wrong.

About 99 percent of the entrants had an incorrect "True" on No. 19.

Perhaps there was wishful thinking or just plain romanticism involved when many people voted "True" on No. 13.

Even more contestants lost a point when they said that Oprah Winfrey (No. 15) would be married.

The Cosby question was scratched because two ratings services had different results.

Now for the predictions, with the correct answers.

1. Abortions will be legal in all states. False.

2. James D. Griffin will be mayor of Buffalo. True.

3. Oliver North will be in prison. False.

4. The Bills will have won more than 10 games. False.

5. The Bills will have won more than one playoff game. False.

6. James Wright will be speaker of the House. False.

7. "The Cosby Show" will be No. 1 in the TV ratings. No score.

8. Pete Rose will be manager of the Cincinnati Reds. False.

9. Allison Rosati will still be with Channel 2. True.

10. Geraldo Rivera will be seen in more TV markets than ever before. True.

11. The Bisons will have won more games in the 1989 season than in any season since Bob Rich Jr. took over the team. True.

12. It will have been announced that former NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle will be a part-owner of an NFL team. False.

13. The Bills' Jim Kelly will have married. False.

14. Vanna White will have left "Wheel of Fortune." False.

15. Oprah Winfrey will have married. False.

16. The Bills' first draft choice will have had a good season. True.

17. Melanie Griffith will be married to Don Johnson. True.

18. Dallas Green will be managing the New York Yankees. False.

19. Part of a major movie will have been shot on the Niagara Frontier. False.

20. The new pro football commissioner will be a man who had not owned or been employed by an NFL team before his appointment. True.

21. Dan Quayle will not have done anything that would provide comedians with material. False.

22. The Sabres will have won more than 34 games. True.

23. Lucille Ball will have visited Jamestown. False.

24. David Letterman will be doing his thing at a different hour. False.

25. Morton Downey Jr.'s show will have been canceled. True.

The tie-breaker was the date on which the first snowflake of the fall dropped onto Western New York. That happened on Oct. 19, 1989.

The prize winners are Mike Gail of Clarence, Charles Rumfola of East Aurora and Rick Evers of Tonawanda.

All had 20 right out of a possible 24, but Gail had the best tie-breaker pick, Nov. 19. Rumfola was second-best with Nov. 22.

Anyway, the hope here is that all entrants enjoyed trying their hands.

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