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Q I'VE WRITTEN TO you several times for help and have always had good results.

We've been trying for several weeks to get a $20 refund on a cable converter returned to Continental Cablevision of Broward County in Florida.

I have written to them and haven't had any response at all. It doesn't seem fair that we had to pay $20 on delivery of the unit, but when we returned it to them they say they'll send us the money when they get around to it. Since the unit was returned to them March 31, we think they've had long enough to process our refund.

We'd appreciate any help.

-- H.K., Kenmore
A "THE REFUND CHECK for this customer's $20 deposit was processed on May 1, 1990," says Terri King, director of Customer Service for Continental Cablevision of Broward County, Fla. "Typically, it takes approximately four weeks from the time of disconnect for the paperwork, equipment and check to be processed.

"Although her billing ceased on March 31, the actual disconnect did not take place until April 11.

"At this point, she should have received her refund."
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