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Whether we danced the jitterbug, the twist, the swim or the hustle, senior proms left memories that will last a lifetime. The dances and the styles have changed, but the excitement remains. This year, Lisa Monfuletho and D.J. Nellis, seniors at Eden High School shared with us a glimpse into their prom night.

Preparations began months in advance with dress hunting and tuxedo fittings. The anticipation mounted with the addition of every accessory. Every detail had to be just right. And when the afternoon of the prom arrived, like caterpillars turning into butterflies, D.J and Lisa metamorphosed from two sneakered, T-shirted teen-agers into a prince and princess dressed for the ball. "Isn't he the most handsome young man that you have ever seen?" inquired D.J.'s mother, Susan Bossert. She did not need an answer.

When they arrived at the Brierwood Country Club, it was filled with their friends and they all delighted in each other as if they had not seen each other in years. Perhaps they were not the same people they left that morning at school.

After a lot of kissing and posing in front of cameras and a lot of primping in front of bathroom mirrors, and a beef-on-weck dinner, the real excitement came when the tables were removed, and the dance floor was unveiled. Timeless dances exuding youthful energy were tempered only by slow ones filled with tender, innocent kissing. They danced until midnight.

After a romantic stroll along the waterfront it was back to D.J.'s mother's house where a kiss ended our glimpse. As if the clock struck twelve, they turned back into sneakered, jean-clad teen-agers, maybe just a little different than before, and off they went to a party where they would bring in the new.

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