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Maybe it's time Larry Felser and his gang get it through their skulls that Buffalo sports fans want facts and not opinions and rumors from your writers!

Examples are seen daily. The News reported the Housley-for-Olczyk deal as though it was a fact. Who was this "source close to the news?" That isn't good enough.

Jerry Sullivan, who knows nothing about sports, wrote articles that called for Phil Housley's job. Phil Housley is a much better hockey player and person than Sullivan is a writer. I call for Sullivan's job.

But most of the blame goes to Larry Felser. The News "sports page" has turned into an opinion-filled, slanderous rumor mill devoid of facts, which is psychologically negative to the players and fans. (TV sports in Buffalo fuel this negative hysteria.) I, for one, don't want any more of your "opinionated days."

However, since The Buffalo News is the only daily paper in town, you seem to have carte blanche to defame anyone, according to your mood. You should change the name of the paper to The Buffalo Opinion, to reflect on your writers' and editors' blinding mediocrity.
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