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Q I ORDERED a "guide book" offered in an article that was published in The Buffalo News back in February, and sent a $4.75 check with my order to U-Build Enterprises as directed by the article. That check was cashed March 9 at the Bank of America in Los Angeles, and I have the canceled check. I have not received the book or any communication from this firm and would like either the book or my money refunded.

Since I believe the firm was somewhat sponsored by The News, I foolishly did not keep their address. I think almost four months is long enough to wait.

J.D., Buffalo

A U-BUILD NEWSPAPER Features is located at P.O. Box 2383, 15233 Stagg St., Van Nuys, Calif., 91409-2383, telephone 1-818-785-6368.

Helen Perry, general manager of the firm, tells us, "I have personally contacted this customer by phone regarding his missing guidebook and have assured him that the order was shipped months ago. Since it was not returned to us as undeliverable, we assumed he received it long ago.

"As we discussed, we have shipped him a catalog as well as a plan for a doll cradle. It has been our policy for 42 years never to accept payment when we don't deliver as promised . . . regardless of the reason.

"Because of that, we have also sent him a refund check for $4.95, the price he tells us he paid for the guidebook. Our apologies for the delay and I know he'll enjoy his project and the great variety pictured in our catalog."

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