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As I turned to the sports section and to Mr. Sullivan's column on June 17, I knew even without reading it how elated he would be over the announced trade of Phil Housley. His scathing remarks against Phil after the Sabres' exit from the playoffs were unwarranted. How he could be so biased as to blame one person for the loss is beyond me. After all, there were 20 players on the ice, not just one. They all shared in the loss.

I'll miss seeing Housley take the puck from deep in the Sabre zone, twist and turn with it up the ice and carry it in over the opposing blue line, not shoot it in hoping someone is there to get it.

I'll miss seeing him fly in, out of nowhere, and put the puck in the net.

I wish him good luck and God speed in Winnipeg. I shall look forward to seeing him again when Winnipeg comes here to play.
North Tonawanda

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