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Who says top executives can never really get away from the job?

Certainly not the National Institute of Business Management Inc., or the 74 percent of the company owners and managers who answered the group's survey by saying that it was fairly easy for them to take a break from their jobs.

The survey, conducted for the institute's Research Recommendations publication, found that half the nation's top executives take at least three weeks of vacation a year; 31 percent take more than three weeks.

And what do corporate big shots like to do with their time off? Many -- 17 percent -- said their favorite pastime is golf, while 15 percent answered that they would rather just lounge around on the beach.

And for the less than 5 percent of you who said your job was too demanding to permit any vacation, here are some tips:

"Take no work along when you vacation. Pick a recreational site where you can elude phones, fax machines and even televisions. And don't call the office -- and don't encourage the office to call you."

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