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Winners of the Bridge Centre Club Tournament held June 14 were Jacques Stehlin and Tom Wolstoncroft with a 67 percent game.

Also on June 14, the winners of the novice section were Gary Pfohl and Richard Liberante with 59 percent.

Winners of the Buffalo Whist Club North American Open Pairs were, first place, Vince Pesce and Dr. Vaidhyanathan, east-west, with a 61 percent game; north-south, Bernice Baker and Barbara Libby, 58 percent.

Winners of The Bridge Works Club Championship on June 14 were Marge Bowen and Florence Notto with a 61.1 percent game and Betty Rubins and Audrey Paplow with a 58.3 percent game.

At The Bridge Works: 99ers Wine and Cheese Party will be held at 7 p.m. today. A pairs game featuring hand records and analysis is scheduled. A student "Graduation" game will be featured at noon Tuesday. The game is open to any beginning players.

For additional information and/or partners, call 824-0746 or 649-4634. At 7:30 p.m. Tuesday there will be a handicap game. Hand records will be featured. The North American Open Pairs Qualifier scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Saturday will feature Barometer scoring.

The Bridge Centre's Non-Life Masters Swiss is scheduled for 7 p.m. today. The last Grand National Pairs Game Qualifier is at 7:30 p.m. Thursday. For partners, call 633-2350.

Duplicate Scores
Bridge Centre Monday morning -- North-south, Dick Czarnecki and Niall Donoghue, 89, possible 140; east-west, George Bills and Fran Kuhn, 72, possible 120.

Bridge Centre Monday afternoon -- Novice game; North-south, M. Mitchell and J. Legrand, 15; C. Witter and B. Ward, 16. North-south, A. Quinones and C. Van Avery, 23; east-west, Steve and Jullie Bass, 21.

Bridge Centre Tuesday morning -- Tie: P. Wilderson and M. Carr; W. Westphol and J. Deptula, 20. Betty and Carl Vogel, 17.

Bridge Centre Tuesday evening -- North-south, Ceil Duga and Irene Mullenhoff, 104, possible 168; east-west, Mary Boszud and Bruce Gillies, 121, possible 189.

Bridge Centre Wednesday evening -- North-south, Irving Ahlheim and Jane Yates, 169.5; east-west, Emily Scherer and Ed Kolipinski, 181.5; possible 264.

Bridge Centre Thursday morning -- North-south, Ann Edwards and Sue Bergman, 130; east-west, Cajita Ciola and Jean Burgoine, 133.5; possible 216.

Bridge Centre Friday morning -- Trudy Manaher and Doreen Scott, 61; Bob Lipinczyk and Niall Donoghue, 54.

Bridge Centre Friday evening -- North-south, Jayne and Tony Ralston, 69; east-west, Diane Scalia and Karl Anderson, 73; possible 120.

Bridge Centre Saturday morning -- North-south, Dr. Vaidhyanathan and Niall Donoghue, 82.5, possible 144; east-west, Kathy Knupp and Dan Foley, 95, possible 168.

Bridge Centre Sunday afternoon -- Howell. Elton and Pearl Petersen, 28.5; Trudy Manaher and Betty Ostolski, 26; possible 50.

Bridge Centre Sunday evening -- Swiss team. First, Jim Scott, Doreen Scott, Trudy Manaher and Betty Ostolski, 85; second (tie), Pow Wooldridge, Jill Wooldrige, Joe Woolridge, Bill Rushmore; Peter Mollemet, Bev Cohen, Mary McKennand Hubert Gerstman, 68.

Bridge Works Friday evening -- Howell. Claire Chodorow and Jim Mathis, 82.5; Gordon and Mary Jo Crone, 81.5; possible 135.

Bridge Works Saturday morning -- Swiss pairs. Meg Klamp and Helen Daniels, 79.

Bridge Works Saturday evening -- North-south. Tom Wolstoncroft and Mary Ann Ludwiczak, 163; east-west, Stan Kozlowski and Carol Siracuse, 148.5; possible 264.

Bridge Works Monday evening -- North-south, Adam Dzimian and Irv Hill, 128; east-west, Cathy Bentzel and John Mugas, 124; possible 216.

Bridge Works Tuesday evening -- North-south, Bob Freedman and Jim Mathis, 96.5; east-west, Chris Urbanek and Walt Majewski, 102; possible 168.

Bridge Works Wednesday evening -- North-south, Martha Walsh and Joann LaFay, 126.5; east-west, Art Morth and Christine Pesce, 127; possible 216.

Center Bridge Wednesday -- North-south, Renzo Renzoni and Jill Woolridge, 113.5; east-west, Bernice Baker and Jane Elze, 119; possible 189.

Center Bridge Club Thursday -- North-south, Joan Rose and June Moore, 86.5; east-west, Rose Salem and Julie Fisher, 88; possible 140.

Delaware Wednesday evening -- North-south, Eleanor Barrett and Adam Djimiam, 103; east-west, Phoebe Lang and Julia Sonce, 95.5; possible 168.

East Aurora Wednesday -- North-south, John Shorts and Niall Donoghue, 99.5; east-west, Lillian Gotshall and Norma Williams, 99.

Friday Dupli Club -- North-south, Mary and Dick Schad, 79; possible 140; east-west, Jane and Cecil Parker, 77; possible 120.

Gibson Tuesday afternoon -- North-south, Lilly Jassy and Audrey Phillips, 87, possible 144; east-west, Shirley Weintraub and Stanley Kosoloski, 108.5, possible 168.

Hamburg Community Monday -- North-south, Bill and Joan Feasley, 131; east-west, Joan Bevilacqua and Shirley Pacini, 130; possible 216.

Humboldt Tuesday -- Howell. Bessie Fugitt and Ryland Melford, 70; Garnet Wallace and Donnie Duke, 64; possible 108.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening -- Howell. Florence Smith and Jean Rosenthal, 48; Audrey Adams and Mildred Harris, 44.5; possible 72. Novice game. Yvonne Tracy and Lois Mulvey, 17; Ron Kaiser and Mary Costello, 12; possible 20.

Margaret McCarthy Friday -- North-south, Ceil Kennedy and Renzo Renzoni, 78.5; east-west, Rose Salem and Julie Fisher, 81.5; possible 120.

Orchard Park Tuesday evening -- Tie: north-south, Virginia Ehret and Terry Vukelic and Rhoda and Will Eagle 59; east-west, Al Johnson and Walt Shed, 68; possible 100.

Temple Beth Zion Tuesday evening -- Howell. Arlene Gellman and Blanche Kurtz, 20.5; Julie Fisher and Shirley Weintraub, 20; possible 36.

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