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In response to the April 29 letter from William L. Benson of Lockport, "Don't put blame on Ike for the hell of war" makes me suspect that Mr. Benson might not have read "Other Losses" by James Bacque. This book is about alleged atrocities caused by Gen. Eisenhower, who changed the status of German POWs, denying them Geneva Convention rights.

The book is explicit as to who is to blame and in no way spares Eisenhower and a coterie of officers working with him in this alleged massive coverup. Additionally the book's fore-word was penned by Col. Ernest F.Fisher, a senior historian for the U.S. Army, who jumped into Holland with Matthew Taylor's 101st Airborne.

The charges in this book are too serious to be taken lightly by anyone. I too am a World War II veteran who served as aerial navigator and flexible machine gunner in the Air Force but was not near the Rhine and France where these alleged atrocities occurred.

However, I've heard tales from GIs who were there relating to the bad conditions of the German POW camps. Most clammed up upon questioning. One, however, told of 60 to 90 German POWs dying each day, of malnutrition and neglect and of their bodies piled in army trucks for disposal at Remagen in early 1945. This is a story many in Europe and Canada are aware of and which seem to have been covered up by U.S. and French sources.

Please read "Other Losses" for your own thoughts on this. The Central Library in Buffalo also has a condensation of this book entitled "The Last Dirty Secret of World War II" in Saturday Night magazine (Canada), September 1989.

JOHN H. BUNZTonawanda

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