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Mark IV Industries Inc.
Williamsville-based company owns variety of firms in industrial "niche" markets. Mark IV's first quarter profits rose 19.7 percent due, in large part, to a $600,000 gain from securities transactions. Firm also announced that it has arranged a $300 million credit package from a group of banks that it can use for internal needs, as well as "strategic acquisitions," and debt and stock repurchase
Common stock data
Latest close .... $13.38
52-week range .... $8.66-15.13
Dividend; P/E ratio .... $0.0 3/3 .4
Beta .... Up: 2.92 Down: 1.32
Earnings per share
Fiscal year 1990 .... $3.99
Analysts' mean estimate
for fiscal year 1991 .... $1.89
Key financial ratios
Profit margin .... 7.4%
Return on common equity .... 37.3%
Return on total assets .... 7.3%
Debt to equity .... 330%
Current ratio .... 3.3
What a key exec says
The new credit arrangement "is principally to position ourselves to take advantages of opportunities that might come along . . . We certainly don't need it to operate. We've always been able to generate our own needs."
Sal H. Alfiero, chairman
SOURCES: Standard & Poor's; Media General; Zak's Investment Research.

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