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All My Children: Tad and Brooke escaped from a runaway car just before it blew up. Joey saved Emily-Ann after she became trapped in a cave. Jack questioned Molly's paternity. Trask got legal custody of Brian. An argument between Natalie and Trevor turned passionate. Palmer offered Loretta money in return for her lying about sleeping with Tad. Adam and Trevor urged Dixie to believe Tad, but he got divorce papers, which Palmer hadn't canceled. Coming: Too late to make amends?

Another World: Sam left town after Evan's statement cleared him, but vowed to return and learn the truth. Jamie found out that Marley was home. Donna's detective sent her a photo of Eve Miller in a skimpy outfit. Donna feared a trial would reveal her affair with Jake. Derek pined for Stacey. Evan convinced Amanda to let him pack up the loft. John entered as Sharly and Grant were about to make love. Coming: Sharly reacts to pressure.

As the World Turns: Jessica returned to Oakdale after making peace with her family. When Courtney revealed that she had been the girl in Chicago, Andy rejected her. Lyla was slow to forgive Margo, who might be facing murder charges. Hal pursued Barbara to Margaret's castle, and discovered that she's pregnant. At Craig's urging, Margo finally told her family that she's expecting a baby. Linc was told about Lily's ill-fated marriage to Derek. Coming: Julie comes under scrutiny.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Macy was devastated when Thorne announced his intentions to ruin Spectra. Dr. Hayes told Caroline the treatments aren't working. Brooke was sympathetic to Caroline's illness but urged her to tell Ridge. Eric asked Brooke to meet with Stephanie, in hopes of speeding up the divorce. Jake and Felicia found themselves kissing. Margo turned up at Jake's door and asked him why he's in L.A. Coming: A tense reunion.

Days of Our Lives: Bo saved Roman's life by switching guns and firing the prop. Bo told Hope the truth and they made love. Marcus was intrigued by Carly. Johnny realized that his presence would hurt Nick. Ernesto convinced a stunned Isabella that he faked his death to reel in Kiriakis, but he later kidnapped Isabella and planted a bomb aboard the ship. Jennifer and Jack revealed that Ernesto had poisoned Loretta after learning that Isabella is Kiriakis' child. Coming: Fears for Roman and Bo.

General Hospital: Robert unsuccessfully tried to woo Kate. Tracy's plot to break up Lucy and Alan backfired when Curry said that she paid him to take the pictures. Monica suspected that Ned and Scott were covering up. Decker encountered an old friend, Drago, while fleeing from a dead body at the carousel. Robert arrested Faison after finding prints of a long-dead WSB agent on his lighter. Coming: The evidence points to Decker.

Generations: Chantal denied being out to ruin Eric. Mary parachuted out of the plane with the moose head, but landed hard and woke up with amnesia. Some farmhands took "Sister Mary" home. Martin revealed Adam's affair with Doreen to a stunned Maya. Daniel agreed to help Chantal find Red, a friend of the woman Eric hit. Sam arranged a job offer for Kyle with Hale Hotels, angering both Kyle and Jordan. Coming: Maya feels betrayed.

Guiding Light: Gary freed Blake and threatened her with blackmail. Harley promised to take care of Reva's children. Vanessa and Billy tricked Roger into burning the pictures of Reva, not the lease. Neil died in the bomb explosion with Phillip's name on his lips. Roger and Mindy made love. Johnny and Chelsea broke up after he admitted having ties to Roxie. The police found planted evidence in Phillip's car. Blake and Alan-Michael got married. Coming: Johnny follows his heart.

Loving: Dane suspected that Rick was behind Heather's kidnapping, which halted the wedding. Gwyn used a fake identity when she was hired to sing at Paul's club. Alex warned Egypt that opening a business with Kate would make Ava jealous. Rio and Rocky shared a passionate kiss. Rick knocked out Paul and stole the loan files. Kate learned her cancer is in remission. Denny eluded Jack and Trucker and made off with the ransom money. Coming: Dane tries to help.

One Life to Live: Roger emerged from the coma. Brenda and Dan remembered the night of Michael's murder. Herb freed Megan after Jake said that her key is the answer to the murder. Tina gambled away C.J.'s college fund trying to pay back Johnny. Carlo told Johnny to marry Tina. Carlo put Johnny in charge of the drug syndicate conference at Badderly. A pass to Badderly fell into Bo and Sarah's hands, who decided to film there. Coming: Innocents in danger.

Santa Barbara: Hunt doubted that Kelly was really over Robert, as she insisted. Michael and Nikki agreed to make a fresh start. Bumped on the head, Bunny believed he was a crime lord, then a lounge singer. The Pasha's men kidnapped Cruz after they discovered that the talisman is useless without him. Lionel found his artwork gone and decided to be resurrected. Gina faked blackouts and was invited to stay with the Capwells. A woman stopped Derek from shooting Mason. Coming: Mason's mysterious benefactor.

The Young and the Restless: Nikki invited Jack home after he saved Victoria from drowning. Dru conned Nathan into giving her a second chance. Ashley hit it off with Dru's sister, Olivia. Over Brock's objections, Kay told Jill she could have Rex. Nina and David eloped. Scott accused Lauren of miscarrying Paul's baby. Victor accepted Leanna's invitation to celebrate her show after he learned that Brad was taking Ashley to the same place. Coming: Dru clashes with Olivia.