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Your June 12 article, "CIA role in Mandela arrest debated," says the White House is embarrassed by stories linking the CIA to Nelson Mandela's arrest 28 years ago by helping South African police locate and arrest him. If the CIA didn't help, it should have!

Mandela was trained in terrorist operations in Algeria by Soviet, East European, and Mideast groups such as the PLO, and they supplied his organization with huge quantities of small arms, grenades, and ammunition. Incriminating documents in Mandela's own handwriting were introduced at his trial, and he never denied his intention to overthrow the government and institute a Soviet-style revolutionary system.

Mandela's soft-spoken manner and image as an African nationalist calling only for multi-racial democracy and interracial harmony would indeed by praiseworthy, were it not for his continued open espousal of a Marxist-Leninist state along Stalinist lines.

How extraordinary it is that our government, along with many churches and intellectuals and an uncritical press, should welcome communism's demise in Eastern Europe while celebrating its rise in southern Africa!

Ridgeway, Ont.

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