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There are some facts the children of Buffalo need to know before they choose their careers. Gladiators make more money than teachers. Taxes are paid for mass transit. Taxes are paid for new stadiums. Taxes are not supported for education.

Marina, night club, stadium and condo construction is good for the city. Building new schools is not considered.

If you are thinking of becoming a teacher, remember that you are not supported by your city. You will spend part of your salary on supplies that are not provided for your class. You should know that a college degree, experience and multiple testing is required by the City of Buffalo.

You will be responsible for educating large groups of children with limited supplies. You will be the most important person in many a child's life. You will correct papers, plan and work many evenings on schoolwork. You will join the Parent Teachers Association even though many parents do not.

Most of all, if you do not qualify for a job, call City Hall for one. And if you were able to read this, thank a teacher, not the mayor.


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