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The city School Board next Thursday is expected to lend its support to a proposal to distribute future increases in sales tax revenues to school districts.

The proposal, co-sponsored in the County Legislature by Legislators William L. Ross, D-Town of Niagara, and John S. Tylec, D-North Tonawanda, could provide the district about $500,000 next year.

The legislation would provide the county's 10 school districts with 25 percent of all sales tax revenue above the 1990 estimate of $55.5 million.

The additional funds would be distributed on a weighted formula based on attendance. Niagara Falls, which has 25 percent of the county's enrollment, would get $503,288 of a projected $2 million. The district would receive the funds no later than Jan. 31, 1991.

Board member Michael A. Parsnick said the Committee on Alternative Revenues for Education, which includes a number of county school superintendents, school board members, senior citizens, did the preparatory work leading to the proposal.

Parsnick said the School Board may seek new language in the proposal before it gives its support. The resolution now reads that to be eligible, a district "must maintain a real property tax rate equal to or greater than (its) 1990-91 real property tax rate."

"We are anticipating that 'tax rate' will be changed to levy," said Parsnick.

He said as part of a reassessment scheduled for 1992, city taxpayers will probably see a tax-rate decrease while property values are expected to increase.

A 1989 movement by the Niagara-Wheatfield and Niagara Falls school districts to have the county's overall 7-cent sales increased by a percentage point, with the additional revenues committed to funding education, received virtually no support in county.

In other action:

Five Empire State Scholarship students were awarded wristwatches during a presentation.

The district accounted for five of the 16 scholarships awarded in Western New York. The scholarships are worth $2,000 for undergraduates. Four of the scholars attended LaSalle High School. They are Chris Sniezek, ranked No. 1 in the class (96.0); Kara McCunn, No. 4 (93.7); Michael Pallaci, No. 6 (92.2) and Michael Chmiel, No. 13 (90.0). Christopher Udy, of Niagara Falls High School, was No. 2 there with a 93.5 average.

Sniezek will attend Northeastern University in Boston. All the others are heading for the University at Buffalo.

Kareem Johnson, a Niagara Falls High School junior, was presented an athletic jacket for making it to the finals of the Section VI Class A wrestling championship in the 145-lb. class. Also, the school's girls bowling team received jackets for winning the state title.

The School Board heard a proposal from Integrated Waste Services of Buffalo which is seeking a recycling contract for corrugated boxes and white stationery from LaSalle Senior, LaSalle Middle, Gaskill Middle and Harry F. Abate Elementary School. Jack Quigley, the division manager, said the district would probably get $100 to $500 a quarter from the effort. The board said it will discuss the matter in committee next week.

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