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Aerial spraying to reduce the mosquito population along the Allegheny River valley is scheduled to take place by July 1.

Weather conditions will determine when airplanes from Duflo Spray Chemical Inc. of New Breman will spray about 1,500 acres. The cost to taxpayers is $2.85 per acre.

Two sprayings are planned and $98,000 has been budgeted. The chemical used for spraying will be resmethrin, a modified synthetic pyrethrin containing a substance similar to that found in some flowers. Diabrom has been used in the past.

The county Health Department oversees the program because mosquitoes can carry and transmit disease to humans, including an encephalitis virus which can cause inflammation of the brain.

The Health Department's mosquito monitoring team has been trapping mosquitoes and keeping a count on the population growth as well as identifying species.

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