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Q I'VE ALWAYS HAD A good relationship with M&T bank, but through some kind of mix-up, they erroneously added $627.24 to my Visa account. I have not received any statements from the bank since last October and finally wrote to them to state that I will not be held responsible for these unauthorized charges to my account.

I have a good credit standing and I do not want them to report a negative rating to any credit reporting agency.

The bank says that as far as they are concerned, they have been sending out statements and suggested that someone may be stealing my mail. To disprove this notion, I purchased a post office box in January. Through that, I found that they were not sending my statements.

I've called them several times but they refuse to listen. That's why I'm contacting you for help. After their initial investigation, they did remove four unauthorized charges from my Visa account but left six other charges on my bill that I refuse to pay. Recently, they said they had sent me out another statement and I would receive that around May 9. It never arrived. I called their customer service department and was told they'd send me a photocopy of the statement. I received it three days later so it's pretty obvious they have the correct address but are not sending the statements out. They've suspended my credit card pending their investigation and I need some help.

J.B., Buffalo
A YOU'VE GOT IT. M&T Bank Officer Christine J. Duchscherer tells us, "In response to previous correspondence and conversations with this client, our Visa Department reversed a total of $627.24 in allegedly fraudulent purchases and waived $54.70 in finance charges.

"Our records were updated to reflect an address change to his Buffalo post office box. No mail has been returned using this address or the previous address. We feel we have satisfactorily responded to this customer's requests regarding his account."

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