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Akira Kurosawa, the acclaimed director of such films as "Ran," "Kagemusha" and "Rashomon," has been given the 1990 Japan Society Award.

Kurosawa, 80, who has made 28 movies and won four Academy Awards, was honored Monday at the society's annual dinner for increasing appreciation and understanding of Japanese society and culture.

The Japan Society Award has been given annually since 1984 to recognize the outstanding contributions of a Japanese or American to better U.S.-Japan understanding.

Kurosawa was too busy finishing up his latest film, "Rhapsody in August," to attend the ceremony at the New York Hilton in Manhattan, according to his son, Hisao, president of Kurosawa Productions, who accepted the award for him.

The director's last film, the autobiographical "Akira Kurosawa's Dreams," opened the Cannes Film Festival in France in May.

Although acknowledged in Japan as a master film maker, Kurosawa's brooding, complex work is more popular abroad than in his homeland.

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