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How to win friends and influence me:

Be assured that no combat veteran was surprised by Newsweek magazine's report that many of the casualties suffered by our troops in the invasion of Panama resulted from "friendly fire."

That phenomenon has come with the territory since the first firearm was shot in a war.

Count me among those whose enjoyment of the U.S. Open golf championship was spoiled by the abuse of the word "heroic" by the sportscasters.

Color me intrigued by the report that the Knights of Columbus, America's largest Roman Catholic men's organization, will campaign against any pro-choice political candidate.

Say a prayer for our guys Over There.

Rate your friend a movie expert, Fran Mahon class, if she can name two actors who played Dick Tracy in films before Warren Beatty.

Color me amused by golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez's report that he was doing so poorly 10 years ago the IRS sent him a get-well card.

Those who still believe that size is important in golf would be well-advised to watch Chi Chi in the Children's Hospital tournament at Brierwood on Monday.

Rate your friend a baseball expert, Joe Wouk class, if he can name the man who served Hank Aaron the first of his 715 home runs.

Color me delighted by the news that Buffalo-bred Kate Phelan will be providing the Irish entertainment at the Airways Hotel from tonight through Saturday.

The New York City-based daughter of Marie and John Phelan has a fine repertoire that supposedly includes a tribute to the strongest man in the world -- "The Harp That Once Threw Tara's Halls."

Rate your friend an American history expert, Geraldine Drexelius class, if she can name the first president born in a state that had not been one of the 13 colonies.

Color me grateful to those who reminded me that Monday's Heart Association golf tournament will honor Bill Schwartzman. The 26-year-old pro golfer died of a heart defect six years ago,

Consider this backward joke submission from Ed Cudney.

He tells of the frustrated Mets fan who decided to leave the East and settle far from Shea Stadium. As he drove along he heard a radio report on the appointment of Bud Harrelson, a favorite of his, as new manager of the team.

The fan let out a whoop and told his wife to look for a place where he could make a U-turn. That caused the lady to say, "I thought nothing could get you to go back."

As he started his sweeping turn, the fan said, "This U's for Bud!"

Hang tough.

Last week's trivia answers:

The western movie that was inspired by the film "House of Strangers" was "Broken Lance."

Those who recalled that were Ray Anselmi of South Buffalo, Tony LaRusso of Angola, Rose LaJudice and Michael Pachla of Buffalo, Wilbur Dunn of Newfane and Thomas Malamas of Williamsville.

Lou Boudreau of the Indians was the last player-manager to lead his team to a World Series victory.

Alex Goldie of Quincy, Mass., Jack Joyce of Orchard Park, Jimboy Smith of South Buffalo, Joe Ayers, Tom Beatty and Eddie Stack of Buffalo, Jim MacTarnaghan of Depew, Warren Bosch of Kenmore, Dave Nowak of Cheektowaga, Richard Studd of Salamanca, LaRusso and Malamas knew that.

Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee coined the salute, "First in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen" at George Washington's funeral.

Harold Potter of Springville, Leo Leavers of Snyder, Jacqueline Brown of Depew, Ruth Lehning of Angola, Ruth Studd of Salamanca, Dunn, LaRusso, MacTarnaghan, Pachla and Malamas had the answer.

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