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Q I APPLIED FOR A lift chair from Queen City Health Care in response to their television commercial last September. Since then, I have received papers to be filled out and others for my doctor to fill out. I was told that I was eligible to have Medicare pay for the cost of the chair as I am a stroke victim, have arthritis, am 75 years old and am confined to a wheelchair most of the time. Every time I call the dealer they tell me that my doctor has not sent them the forms. My doctor says he has filled out dozens of forms for them. I called them again recently and they told me the same thing. What in heaven's name do they want? Anything you can find out would be appreciated.

J.H., Irving
A APPARENTLY, THEY were hoping that proposed changes in Medicare regulations that restrict payment for lift chairs would not go into effect. Unfortunately, they did.

"Regrettably," says David Krull of Queen City Health Care in Cincinnati, Ohio, "her order was not processed in time to meet the Medicare guideline changes that became effective June 1, 1990. Therefore, we are unable to deliver a chair to her.

"The delay in processing the order was due to Medicare regulations which restrict the approval of lift chair coverage for consumers, such as this customer, who use wheelchairs regularly. We held those orders up to the deadline, hoping that Medicare might lift the restrictions. Once the deadline passed, however, we had to cancel the order.

"We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment she may experience due to the cancellation."

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