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The Clean Air Act has forced all public places to find and mark designated smoking areas. This action is starting to cause problems and much conflict.

There is no objection to the Clean Air Act by smokers, and there shouldn't be. The problem seems to be that the areas chosen as designated smoking areas were picked by employers and owners of public places without any consideration to the smoker. They were just picked to be in accord with the law. No time was taken by these owners and employers to consider the comfort, adequate setting or inconvenience of the smoker.

Many lunch rooms and restrooms for non-smoking employees and the public are furnished with tables and cushioned chairs to make a nice relaxing atmosphere.

As you go by a hospital, you see employees and guests standing outside to have a cigarette. In car showrooms, salespersons and other employees have been forced to go in the back garage and stand in a corner to take their breaks and smoke. In malls, you see people jammed in a small area trying to relax and have a cigarette while their wife, friend or husband is spending money just like the non-smoking people are doing.

People have the choice, and just because they have chosen something that has been found to be unhealthy and objected to by others doesn't mean they should be treated with less respect or given less consideration than the non-smoker. The designated smoking areas should be just as comfortable and adequately furnished as the non-smoking areas.


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