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As special agent in charge of the Buffalo Division of the FBI, I must take issue with an impression which, I believe, is being left with the public regarding our investigation of the Buffalo Parks Department and Commissioner Robert Delano.

As has been reported in your newspaper, on Nov. 26 I confirmed that we were indeed conducting an investigation of the Parks Department and Mr. Delano. I made this confirmation since our agents were conducting numerous interviews and it had become quite widely known in the community that we were investigating this matter.

Since that time I made it quite clear to the several reporters conducting the investigation for your paper, and also to radio and TV reporters, that this office would not comment on any specific aspects of the investigation; nor would we confirm or deny any of the many allegations which have been received or made known to the various media.

As an investigative agency, our mission is just that, to conduct an impartial but thorough investigation with presentation of the information we have developed to the U.S. attorney for a prosecutive decision.

The tone of many articles published in your paper would appear to indicate that the FBI has been "leaking" information to your reporters. Some stories have quoted "law enforcement sources," not further identified. I can unequivocally state that the Buffalo FBI has not provided any further details of this ongoing investigation to any members of the media. For us to provide sensitive investigative results to the media would be unprofessional.

I believe you do a disservice to the many outstanding citizens who have been contacted by us when your reporters leave the impression that the FBI is furnishing information to your paper. In fact, our investigation is being hindered because witnesses fear that the information they furnished may subsequently appear in your paper. Every reporter for the various media outlets in Buffalo, if questioned, I am sure would state that they have tried to get information from myself or my staff regarding this investigation and have always received a "no comment."

For your information and the information of the citizens of Western New York, the FBI will continue to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation but will continue to not provide any information to the media.

Special Agent in Charge
Federal Bureau of Investigation

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