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Just as "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" is hitting the video stores, debate rages on whether there should be a "Star Trek VI," tentatively dubbed by critics as "The Apol ogy," since the last episode was so rancid.

Don't get us wrong. "Star Trek V" had some fine dialogue:

Dr. "Bones" McCoy: "Spock, you never cease to amaze me."

Mr. Spock: "Nor I myself."

In it, the crew is searching for God. The Enterprise 1A (The original starship was destroyed in "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock") finds a celestial being, a big floating head that looks like Santa Claus. It lives on a desert planet (actually the Mojave Desert) and materializes in a spot that looks like a bunch of giant spareribs arranged in a Stonehenge pattern. This "supreme" being also refuses to answer any of Capt. James T. Kirk's probing questions.

The big question is this, though: Will there be a sixth Star Trek movie? The fifth episode stalled at the box office, taking in only $52 million. Paramount, the film's exhibitor, had to be disappointed: The film was no blockbuster. It cost close to $30 million to make and millions more to market. There's been no word on a forthcoming flick. So trekkies will just have to settle for "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Perhaps it's for the better, since the original cast is getting long in the tooth.

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