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All My Children: After Bianca saw Jackson leave her house, Erica said he couldn't stay overnight anymore. Angered to learn Natalie was remembered in Virgil's will, Art demanded she be charged with murder. Angie and Pat were unaware they're both dating Cal. Billy Clyde made inquiries about David. Adam struggled to communicate when Brooke visited with Adam Jr. Skye moved into Jeremy's spare room. Emily-Ann was puzzled by a student's taunts about Donna's past. Coming: Travis hides his feelings.

Another World: Rachel was disturbed to find herself having fun with Ken. Derek took a bouncer's job at the Pelican, where a mysterious stranger bought him a drink. Jamie kissed Stacey. Matt feared Josie is pregnant. Amanda couldn't tell Sam about her fling with Evan. Griffen is sure Frankie is the leak in Lucas' operation. Lucas was told to kill Michael if he wants out of the art theft ring. Coming: A test of loyalty.

As the World Turns: Hey You accused Philip of killing his family, which Lombard denied. Tonio became the new owner of the TV station. Duncan accepted a job at The Argus. Joe pretended Lloyd was dead to flush out the killer. Roper was then found dead, with Caleb again set up as a prime suspect. Iva couldn't make love with Kirk because she remembered Josh raping her. Philip added Susan onto his hit list. Ellie overheard Hal arrest Caleb for the murders of Brock and Roper. Coming: Iva asks for more time.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Felicia reluctantly showed up for Ridge and Caroline's wedding. Thorne had words with Ridge and refused to attend. Kristen was shocked to see Mick photographing the wedding. Brooke told Thorne Stephanie broke up her romance with Ridge, then feared she said too much. When Stephanie ordered Brooke to leave the wedding, Brooke vowed to get even. Coming: Thorne asks probing questions.

Dallas: Pre-empted.

Days of Our Lives: Patch was reunited with Kayla, but Isabella was shot and critically wounded. Using his duplicate key, Jack found Isabella's mother's diary and was shocked by its contents. Hank guiltily continued following Anjelica's orders to ruin Adrienne. Nick realized Mike and April lied to him and pretended he wants out of his marriage. Neil refused to perform a gynecology exam on Sarah. Coming: Cal won't give up.

Falcon Crest: Pre-empted.

General Hospital: Frisco and Felicia were wed. Frisco secretly accepted another WSB job after learning his closest friends were in danger if he refused. Alan forced Tracy to resign from ELQ. Decker stole the diamonds from Scott, only to learn they're phony. Scott was crushed when Alan appointed someone else ELQ counsel. Colton told Olivia he loves her, but privately yearned for Felicia. Tom collided with Harrison. Dawn moved into the Quartermaine mansion. Coming: Frisco hides the truth.

Generations: Monique held a dinner party to reunite Sam and Kyle. Charles physically abused Helen. Doreen learned the paintings would be auctioned. Maya refused to discuss her interest in Daniel Reubens with Adam. Maya gave Adam a fake Social Security number when she couldn't get a real one. Learning Rob's intent to write a book about him, Daniel told Maya they have to leave town. Coming: Maya is broken-hearted.

Guiding Light: After finding the fake bomb, Holly clung to Ross. Ed counseled Beth to admit she was wrong, but instead, a drunken Beth crashed Phillip's party for Blake. Harley found the prenuptial agreement, only to learn it's worthless. Unable to accept Dylan's love for Sam, Harley vandalized her store, then asked Dylan for help. Rae found Dana in Chelsea's bedroom, wearing Chelsea's clothes. Later, Johnny and Chelsea discovered their apartment had been trashed. Coming: Harley fights dirty.

Knots Landing: Greg was emotionally shaken by the murder of his daughter, who was killed by a gunman apparently aiming at him. Jane Sumner, Greg's first wife, arrived for their daughter's funeral. Gary tried to prevent Val and Danny's wedding. Val found out about Gary's attack on Danny. Tom learned of Paige's affair with Greg. Harold recognized Tom. Coming: Tom covers up the truth.

Loving: Alex found a hysterical Egypt and brought her to the doctor. Ava sent Clay's ring, flowers and a forged note from Clay to Gwyn. Trisha and Trucker made love. Clay blew up on seeing Gwyn with the ring and vowed to destroy Alex and Jack, who were equally vengeful. Ava was unable to stop her and Alex's divorce. Held at gunpoint by Alex, Clay asked Jelka, in Maine, not to interfere with Trucker. Coming: New dangers for Trucker.

One Life to Live: Clint saved Viki from the thugs. Clint refused to support Viki's bid for mayor, but Roger offered help. Wanda consoled Larry after Brenda accepted Michael's invite to his island hotel. Larry exploded upon seeing Michael embrace Brenda at the airport. Gabrielle lied to Max that she doesn't love him, but he became suspicious. When Max saw Father Tony (not wearing his collar) hug Gabrielle, he misunderstood and punched the priest. Coming: Larry calls it quits.

Santa Barbara: Robert finally realized he wouldn't get Eden back and made love to Kelly. Kelly, however, was hurt when Robert refused to let her live with him. Laura switched her pregnancy test results so it would read positive. After helping Francois bring two orphans into the U.S., Julia felt warm feelings for him. Augusta set her sights on marrying C.C. Cruz discovered Nikki is an undercover cop. Robert learned Sasha is still involved with the mob. Coming: Awkwardness between Cruz and Eden.

The Young and the Restless: Skip and Carol insisted a weakened Nan move in with them. Adrian got Cassie to turn over her power of attorney and hinted he could destroy her if she mentions his name to anyone. Cassie told Victor she accidentally shot George during an argument. To Cricket's dismay, Nina decided she was going to marry David. Chase overheard David and Jill discuss David's hold over Nina. Rex blasted Kay (Marge) for planning to sell the factory. Coming: Good advice goes unheeded.

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