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As a county taxpayer and voter, I think that any plan to tax gasoline in the entire county to provide cheap transportation for people who live or work in the city is very unfair. How many times will a person from Springville ever ride the "train" or even a Metro Bus?

Parking in Buffalo is a bargain, compared to other cities. We paid as much as $15 a day for parking in Boston and fees in Syracuse near the dome and conference area are far higher than in Buffalo. Parking near the Sky Dome in Toronto is as high as $10.

If it is cheaper to drive a carload of people into the city and park, why take the transit? Why not have a "tax" or fee of say $1 per car per day or a 15 cents per hour increase on parking go to support the NFTA? It would certainly cost me $10 for my family to go round trip to a ball game or hockey game on the "train," I can drive down and park near the ball park or the Aud for less than half of that.

Fees added on parking may cause a few more people to consider Metro and reduce downtown traffic, conserve gas, and increase ridership and revenue for the NFTA. Added parking fees are fair in my opinion, since people could take the bus or the train if they don't want to pay the extra cost of parking. Having a car in the downtown area should be considered a luxury, not a necessity. People who live and work in suburban or rural towns should not have to bear the cost of bailing out the NFTA.

A tax on parking would be a much fairer source of revenue, since you have the option to use the Metro rather than pay the parking increase. If you own a car, you don't have an option not to buy gasoline or pay for your registration. People who neither live nor work in the area served by Metro should not have to subsidize cheap transportation for those who live or work in the city.


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