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Who will play Jeffrey Zaslow on the big screen?

Zaslow won't say, because contracts haven't been signed yet.

And "the way these things work, it may never happen," he said.

But "I can say it's not Sylvester Stallone and it's not Whoopi Goldberg.

"They could change things completely and it might be Karl Malden, set in the 15th century."

Though he's more than pleased that Paramount Pictures bought the movie rights to his book "Tell Me All About It," he's not sure what kind of movie the studio plans to make.

"The book doesn't have a beginning, a middle or an ending," he said.

If Sherry Margolis were doing the casting, she would pick Tom Hanks to play her husband.

"He's funny, sensitive and has sort of an offbeat quality that matches Jeff's," she said.

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