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Recently a hockey wizard from Williamsville wrote a letter blasting the Sabres for being boring, predictable, and a bunch of wimps. Since the Sabres organization doesn't respond to petty little letters, I will.

First, on the elbow to Mogilny, just because the Sabres didn't hack Chelios' head off, it doesn't mean they didn't go after him. As I remember it, Foligno tried to get him but a Canadien and a ref got in his way.

Second, I can't think of one time when Mogilny or Turgeon shot the puck in. I wish they would, because it sure helps set up goals. And why do you think we have players like Vaive and Andreychuk going to the nets? I'll tell you, to get rebounds from the shots at the blue line after they shoot the puck in. And if you think this team can't check; maybe you'd like to meet Mr. Kennedy or Mr. Ray. You can wear a Bruins jersey and let them squish you through those little camera holes in the glass.

Third, would you rather watch the Zamboni go around the ice than win a car? I'm sure you love your Yugo, so I'll take the $15,000 car the Sabres organization is giving away. If you think the music is too loud, you should adjust your hearing aid because I can hear everything and everyone just fine.

So I don't care if you don't go to any more Sabres games, I'd rather have a real Sabres fan sitting next to me in the Aud rooting the Sabres to another win. That way, there's more champagne in the Stanley Cup for the real fans to drink!

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