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The Bills learned more than just football this past season. They have learned that Buffalo fans and media can be very critical of mistakes. They have learned that anything they say, can and will used against them in the newspaper or on television. But most important they have learned to zip their lips and play as a team as they did in Cleveland.

As Bills fans we saw the emergence of an excellent receiver in Don Beebe, a team united under the direction of a back-up quarterback, 1,000 yards-plus rushing from Thurman Thomas, a strong season for Larry Kinnebrew, the use of tight ends as receivers, a strong secondary after the loss of Derrick Burroughs and an owner who has used his checkbook to ensure a playoff team.

I could list the down points such as poor officiating and trouble winning on the road, but the media has already done that every chance this season. Let's accept our accomplishments and mistakes in stride and look forward to being an underdog going into next season. Let's hope there are no publications that pick the Bills for the Super Bowl and maybe we can surprise them all next year.

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