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SO BUFFALO didn't get to the Super Bowl for the XXIVth time. Just wait until next year. Besides, there's still a lot of Buffalo connected with the Super Bowl. If you don't think so, just try this Buffalo Super Bowl Trivia Quiz.

1. This graduate of Orchard Park High School earned his first Super Bowl ring with the New York Giants and hopes to get a second with the San Francisco 49ers.

2. This Lackawanna-born quarterback was intercepted three times by Oakland's Rod Martin in the Philadelphia Eagles' loss in Super Bowl XV (1981).

3. He's the only Canisius High School graduate to catch a touchdown pass for a Super Bowl winner.

4. After losing Super Bowl II (1968) at Oakland, this head coach was hired by Buffalo, where he compiled a record of 7-20-1 in two seasons.

5. The scorer of Rich Stadium's first touchdown, he ran back a kickoff for 15 yards for the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII (1973).

6. Twelve different franchises have won the 23 Super Bowls. Buffalo has an all-time winning record against three of them. Which teams are they?

7. Buffalo's fourth-round draft choice in 1964, this Ohio State receiver ended up playing in three straight Super Bowls (VI-VIII, 1972-74) with Miami.

8. In the 1968 season -- the one climaxed by the New York Jets' Super Bowl III win over the Baltimore Colts -- the Buffalo Bills' only victory in 14 regular season games was over the champion Jets. What was the score? Where was the game? Who was the Buffalo coach?

9. A linebacker for the losing Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl I (1967), he's now on the Buffalo Bills coaching staff.

10. This former Buffalo receiver caught four passes for 77 yards as the Oakland Raiders won Super Bowl XV (1980).

11. How many times have the Bills come within one game of getting to the Super Bowl?

12. This University of Buffalo graduate was a defensive end with the winning New York Jets of Super Bowl III (1969).

13. Buffalo's first-round draft choice in 1964, this defensive lineman from Minnesota went on to play in Super Bowls IV, VIII, IX and XI (1970, 1974, 1975, and 1977) with the Vikings, who lost all four times.

14. Scorer of two touchdowns for victorious Green Bay in Super Bowl I (1967), he's now Buffalo Bills running back coach.

15. A former Buffalo quarterback, he threw two touchdown passes for the losing Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl II (1968).

16. The champion Pittsburgh Steelers lost only twice en route to Super Bowl X (1976). The first loss was to Buffalo at Pittsburgh in the second game of the 1975 season. What was the score? Who coached Buffalo?

17. After eight years on Buffalo's defensive line, he finally got to the Super Bowl (VII, 1973) with the Washington Redskins.

18. A former Bills receiver, he caught two Bob Griese passes for victorious Miami in Super Bowl VIII (1974).

19. This former Buffalo receiver caught three passes for 53 yards in a losing cause for Minnesota in Super Bowl XI (1977).

20. Five years later, he would spend a brief time quarterbacking the Bills. In Super Bowl XIV (1980), he ran the losing Los Angeles Rams offense.


1. Jim Burt. 2. Ron Jaworski. 3. Phil McConkey (New York Giants, Super Bowl XXI, 1987). 4. John Rauch. 5. Herb Mul-Key. 6. New York Jets (31-28), Kansas City Chiefs (15-12-1) and Green Bay Packers (3-1). 7. Paul Warfield. 8. 37-35. War Memorial Stadium. Harvey Johnson. 9. Defensive coordinator Walt Corey. 10. Bobby Chandler. 11. Twice. Both times they were whipped in the penultimate contest. In the 1966 American Football League championship game the Bills lost to Kansas City, 31-7. In the 1988 American Football Conference championship game, the Bills lost to Cincinnati, 21-10. The Bills never led in either game. 12. Gerry Philbin. 13. Carl Eller. 14. Elijah Pitts. 15. Daryle Lamonica. 16. 30-21. Lou Saban. 17. Ron McDole. 18. Marlin Briscoe. 19. Amhad Rashad. 20. Vince Ferragamo.

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