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I believe a recent letter (from Williamsville) unfairly criticized the Festival of Lights. The writer was critical of everything, including unsalted walkways. The negative tone of her letter indicated she had made up her mind before arriving there, or perhaps even before she departed from home.

We have been to the festival many times and have always enjoyed the visit. Perhaps the enjoyment received is in the mind of the beholder, or maybe she was expecting Disney World.

This year, the animated displays in the Convention Center and the Marine Midland Building were exceptional. The outside decorations, exhibits and Christmas carols provided a Christmas spirit. The Wintergarden was fresh and pleasant, and the suspended dragon was super. The new lights on the upper rapids were impressive, and the lights on the Occidental Building provided the usual dancing display.

The Festival of Lights is definitely worth the visit. But what do I know? I also enjoy visiting Glen Park in Williamsville (the writer's home) to view the winter scenery and waterfalls and to feed the ducks, although the walkways are not salted.


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