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Assuming that there is going to be government control, what priest, school teacher, airline pilot, board president, physician or congressman is going to sign up for his or her legalized drugs?

Sure, you will have the down and outers who have no recourse (those who are stealing and dealing) to support their habits. But there will continue to be a market for those who won't come forward.

Also, those who are "down and out" won't have the money to pay for their drugs, so don't expect much in the tax line. It would be more likely that the taxpayers will pay for them through Medicaid. I am assuming again that no one would consider crime as a means of obtaining "legalized" drugs.

Now let's think about all the folks using our legal drugs. They will be losing their mental and physical capabilities (with our blessing). Are they going to continue to drive on our highways, have contact with our children, hold jobs of responsibility or danger?

Or are you going to start a commune for them to live in to try to control their actions?

Who will judge which persons can carry on with their lives and occupations while they consume these drugs? Who will tell these people, after they've been on drugs for years and refused treatment, that they can't live in society because they are too dangerous? Do you wait until they throw their babies out of seventh floor windows? What will their punishment be if they commit a crime? Jail, where they continue to receive their legal drugs? What a punishment!

Let's assume that there is not going to be government control. The drugs could be sold like candy bars, with no regulations -- this would be the simplest answer. There would not be any responsibility of the seller to society for the damage done. Just as the tobacco industry takes no responsibility; the drug agency would just shrug its shoulders. You could send your 8-year-old child to the corner "drug" store for your next fix.

We must think beyond the pushers and the drug kingpins. We will be creating another monster. People need to be educated and treated. Legalization is not the answer. These drugs are doing more than giving their victims drunkenness, cancer or emphysema; they are affecting every aspect of our society.


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