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Upon reading a response to an editorial on the issues on contraceptives on abortion, I was quite displeased.

The writer of this response seemed to think that "returning God" to our classrooms would help to stop the rise in herpes, AIDS, out-of-wedlock pregnancies and abortions. This is nothing but a response from a person who is afraid to confront his or her responsibility to aid in the education and growth of his or her child.

As a child, I attended a Catholic school and was taught about sex as seen through the eyes of the church. And I learned absolutely nothing that would have made me want to wait to have sex or that would have made me want to use a condom if I did.

Then my father took the time to talk to me about sex. He did not tell me what to do, he just explained to me what the consequences of my actions might be. He let me know that the decision of whether or not to have sex was completely mine. But he also let me know that there was a great deal of responsibility that went along with such a decision. And that made all the difference in the world.

Do not ask someone else to do what your yourself will not do. Sex education should begin in the home, not in the church.


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