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Public Works Director Richard C. Bulman of the Village of Lancaster is still trying to determine the circumstances and the cost of damage to the Municipal Building's heating system when power was turned off in December.

Bulman and village police are investigating to determine who turned off power on a weekend when no one was authorized to enter the boiler room.

The power interruption caused pipes to freeze in the hot-water heating system.

Bulman told the Village Board this week he will provide the results of the investigation and the full extent of the repair costs as soon as they are determined.

Emergency repairs have been made but additional repairs are still to be made, he said.

He also is investigating whether the heating system was properly installed during the renovation of the building last year.

The board also adopted a new nuisance ordinance after a public hearing that drew comment from one person in favor, one opposed.

Village Attorney Anthony M. Nosek said the law provides measures to deal with conditions which "give offense to the senses," including, weeds, overgrowth, standing water, junk cars and parts, waste and rubbish.

Persons violating the ordinance would be served written notice that they have 10 days to remedy the problem, after which period a summons would be issued.

The village then may take action to remove the condition through village personnel or a hired contractor.

Nosek said the ordinance replaces an existing provision that failed to resolve problems to the satisfaction of trustees.

Fred Evert, codes enforcement officer, said he concentrates on complaints from village residents who identify themselves by name.

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