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Former state Sen. Julian Bond must pay his ex-wife $4,200 per month in alimony for five years under the terms of their divorce.

After five years, the amount drops to $3,300, Mrs. Bond's attorney, Louis K. Polonsky, said Tuesday.

Bond, 49, filed for divorce from his wife, Alice, in 1988, a year after she rocked Atlanta by alleging that her husband and other prominent blacks in the city used cocaine regularly. The allegations led to police and grand jury investigations, but no charges were filed.

In addition to alimony, Mrs. Bond received a $41,500 lump-sum payment and assistance in buying a house, Polonsky said.

Bond, who lost a bitter congressional race to former civil rights colleague John Lewis in 1986, now is host of a television talk show in Washington, D.C., and teaches a civil rights course at Harvard University.

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