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The Iroquois Central School Board Monday tentatively approved the $964,688 debt service portion of the 1990-91 budget, down $5,000 from this year.

Business Administrator Richard Binner said that the cost of debt service will continue to decline $20,000 a year until 1995-96 where it will take a significant drop of $200,000 if the district doesn't add capital improvements.

The board declined approving the tentative transportation budget until Binner can provide additional information.

The transportation budget shows an overall increase of 9.79 percent, including salaries for 10 additional bus drivers required because 18 handicapped students moved into the district in the last four months. It also includes extra bus runs and a civil service contract which was underbudgeted because the contract was not settled until October, Transportation Superintendent Jack Reichert said.

The board tentatively approved a proposition for the purchase of five 54-passenger buses at a maximum cost of $236,985.

Smokers in the district will have a harder time finding a place to light up after the board approved a policy prohibiting smoking in school buildings at functions such as plays and sporting events. A designated area for smoking will be provided on written request from staff members. No funds will be provided to renovate a room for smokers.

The board also heard Kindergarten and first-grade teachers from Wales Elementary School describe an ongoing parent and teacher participation program that they termed a huge success.

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