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Bowhunting is not the solution for resolving the competition for territory between deer and humans in Amherst, according to a co-founder of the Animal Rights Advocates of Western New York.

"The less territory they have to call their own, the more likely they'll come to ours," Walter Simpson, an Amherst resident who co-founded the 500-member organization, said Monday.

He said deer population would be reduced "only if a large number of the does -- female deer -- are killed each hunting season. . . . Bowhunting could only achieve this high level of mortality in Amherst if there were literally a massive invasion of bowhunters and a total disruption of life as we know it. Parts of our peaceful community would be turned into war zones." Simpson said the presence of bowhunters would create fear among residents who walk in open areas and may become targets by mistake.

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