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Do I Have to Say Hello? Aunt Delia's Manners Quiz for Kids and Their Grownups, by Delia Ephron, drawings by Edward Koren; Viking, $14.95 -- Ephron (author of both "How to Eat Like a Child" and "Teen-age Romance") has a winner in this funny guide to manners in a multiple-choice, true-or-false format that children will find hilarious. For example, under "What should you be sure to do while riding the escalator?" the choices are 1. Pinch people's behinds. 2. Hold onto the rail.

The juxtaposition of improper and proper response (which Miss Manners uses to great effect in her etiquette column) makes this particularly appealing to children, who will recognize immediately what it is they should say, while giving a voice to what it is they dare not say without unpleasant consequences. Ephron effectively uses the gentle voice of "Aunt Delia" to avoid preachiness and serve as a gentle reminder that the purpose of good manners is to spare people's feelings. This is an especially fine book for beginning readers. Koren's cartoon drawings add much to the hilarity.

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