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As evidenced by a recent editorial, the editorial writers of The Buffalo News continue to try and convince their readers that the majority of Americans favor the Roe-Wade abortion-on-demand stance and, "alarmed" by the Webster decision, make their views known through recent events in Congress and the Florida State Legislature.

What is conveniently left out of the editorial are the results of 10 post-Webster state electoral contests in which pro-life candidates won seven.

The so-called shift from pro-life to pro-abortion is not shown by the data. But facts were never the strong suit of the pro-abortionists and their promoters. Four major nationwide polls conducted in the spring of 1989 showed that the majority of Americans disapproved of 93 percent of abortions that are performed as allowed by Roe-Wade. These facts you will never find referenced by the editorial writers of the Buffalo News.

In Tennessee, since the upholding of the Missouri law, Judge W. Dale Young, in the ruling about frozen embryos, declared firmly that "human life begins at conception." He indicated he was most influenced by the testimony of world-renowned geneticist, Jerome Lejeune, whose testimony, Judge Young said, was "unrebutted."

The editorial writers are entitled to their point of view, but when they arrive at conclusions based on only part of the facts, they betray an emotional bias that is inconsistent with reason. Perhaps, in the future, they can, on the subject of abortion, base their conclusions on all of the facts.


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