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I find it tragic that our former president, Ronald Reagan, cannot be enshrined at Mount Rushmore with the other great presidents.

There is solace, however, in knowing that there remain tangible mementos of our hero that our entire populace can appreciate for years to come.

We shall not soon forget the monumental national debt he has left us and our heirs. We have a vast military build-up and a preponderance of high-tech weapons, some of which may even work some day! We have the homeless; the chief justice of the Supreme Court and three Reagan appointees; environmental concerns (although, with due respect, James Watt assisted with that achievement) and an educational system which sometimes compares favorably with those of emerging nations.

In addition, there is even a phrase, coined especially to describe part of the Reagan administration: "the sleaze factor". We have another Reagan phrase, "Just say no," which, as we all know, has all but solved our drug problems.

Who can forget Ronald Reagan as thespian in his magnificent films and his numerous press conferences? To top it all off, we have the Iran-contra affair, which guarantees President Reagan a place in history.

In short, while we shall surely miss his visage on Mount Rushmore, we have reminders of Reagan constantly, abundantly with us.


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