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In history class the other day, we were learning about the fall of the Roman Empire. Our teacher told us about the condescension in government, the barbarism of the citizens and the fickleness of the people. Rome was probably the most powerful empire in recorded history.

Is it just me, or does the United States today bear a striking resemblance to Rome right before the end?

Like the Romans, we are powerful. Another resemblance is the corruption in government. Nearly every day we hear about some official doing something he shouldn't.

The people of our nation are also becoming like those of Rome. When we have to resort to violence and sex for public attention, and the people are actually enjoying it, it kind of makes me wonder about the connection between the violence in the movies, television, and even occasionally in sports, and that of Roman gladiators.

At first, gladiator fights were simple, and didn't include the death of the loser. And then, the people began to change, and demanded bloodier fare.

We have freaks like Geraldo and Morton Downey Jr. on the air. What kind of trash is this? I know if I had children it would make me want to move to a deeply forested area that would have no possibility of getting any of these shows. I wouldn't want my children exposed to such programming.

We (today's children and teen-agers) are supposed to eventually lead this nation. How can you hand us a world where even our own generation, our own nation, has turned against us because of what we learned when we were kids? We all have the right to free speech, and I never want that to stop, but I think the stations that air these shows should seriously consider what the long term effects may be.

They say history repeats itself.

Let's do something about it before it does.


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