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I HAVE A TWO-PART problem.

First, I've received a "notice of impending default" judgment from the City of Buffalo for a parking ticket that has now doubled to $30.

The incident was supposed to have taken place at 1:29 a.m. Feb. 4 on Roehrer Street.

I didn't even know where that street was until I looked it up.

The license-plate number on the summons is the same as the license number on my old 1979 station wagon.

I sold that car in January, transferred the insurance to another vehicle, and turned the plates in to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

This ticket does not belong to me or to that license-plate number.

The last time I wrote to you it was for the same license number and the same kind of problem. I hope you can help me resolve this problem so I don't have to take time off work to go to a hearing.

The second part of my problem is with Millard Fillmore Hospital.

On Oct. 4, my wife's pap smear was sent to the lab. On Nov. 15, we received the bill and on Nov. 24, we paid the hospital for their services.

In January, our insurance carrier sent us a notice saying they were going to pay the hospital for the same services.

My wife called the hospital in January and they said a check would be sent to us for the duplicate payment.

We have called their billing office three times since then and all they say is that they are requesting a refund for us.

We were prompt in making payment to them and I think it would be only fair if they did the same. -- M.B., Buffalo
A WE COMMUNICATED with Bruna Michaux, director of Parking Enforcement for the City of Buffalo, concerning your parking ticket problem and she tells us:

"I have reviewed the complaint and an examination of the original summons showed that the summons was altered, causing the wrong person to be billed.

"In light of this, we have administratively dismissed the summons; therefore a hearing is not necessary.

"I am forwarding a copy of his complaint to the issuing agency. He is correct in saying that the same identical problem occurred two years ago.

"Again, I apologize and am sorry for any inconvenience."

As for your billing problem with Millard Fillmore, we're told by Deborah H. Fenn, public relations manager for the hospital, "Regarding this complaint, a refund check in the amount of $10.48 was issued to her on April 28, 1989."

Short and sweet.

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