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Spring home improvement means more than just lawn and garden care. Just like regular visits to your doctor and dentist, a check-up for your home is a smart idea during this time of year.

It is time to seriously give your house a complete examination, especially if you are planning to put your home on the market. Moving ahead now with a seasonal check-up is a wise idea that can pay big dividends rather than waiting for a problem to appear later.

When first going over the home in the initial check-up, two tell-tale signs that you need to look at more closely are cracked caulking and leaking roofs.

While checking the interior of your home, find out if water has seeped through the roof shingles and into the attic. If it has, you may have wet insulation. Find the leak source and repair it.

It is important to spread out the insulation so it can properly dry. Of course, there may be a possibility that extra insulation is required.

Also check for obvious plumbing problems. A dark brown stain on the ceiling; cracked, stained or loose bathroom tiles; mildew; crunchy floors; cracked or chipped fixtures; loose toilets; bathtub rot and dripping faucets are all signs of plumbing problems and would be a turn-off for any prospective buyer.

After properly examining your home's interior, the exterior should not be neglected. Check your home for poor physical appearance. A home with dirty and peeling paint, loose railing, broken doorbell, cracked or loose bricks or steps with an unkempt lawn will all detract from its appearance and make it more difficult to sell.

If you have a heat pump, have it inspected for dents from ice falling from the house. Also, recaulk cracked window frames, doors and decks to prevent air from entering or escaping.

Spring is also a good time to remove clutter that has accumulated in your home. Make your closets appear bigger by making them clean, neat and well organized. Remove excess junk from your basement, garage, attic and other storage spaces.

Now is the time to take inventory of any damages the inclement weather may have caused. Making sure your home is in top condition will make you feel better and improve any sale possibilities.

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