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The idea of "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" in regard to the marijuana question is risky, foolish and downright dangerous. A government that sanctions drug use and is run by drug users frightens me. A marijuana-smoking airline pilot, train conductor, bus/cab driver, school crossing guard, fireman or policeman, frightens me.

Not money, but the social, intellectual, physical and emotional ramifications of marijuana use should be our primary concern. It has been proven that use of marijuana causes abnormal heart rate and blood pressure, chromosome damage, distortions in reality, errors in the perception of time and space, irresistible impulses, impaired performance and judgment, disruption and deterioration in family life -- and then users look so stupid.

I agree that there are dangers in the use of alcohol and tobacco, but assuming that legalization of marijuana would lead to increased usage, the idea of crowding our highways with drunken drivers and drivers high on marijuana is something I don't want to think about.

We may not know a lot about the long-range effects of marijuana use, but what we do know is a cause for major concern. Let us not be selfish and live only for the here and now, but let us consider our legacy to future generations.


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